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April 23, 2007
Volume 2, Number 4

What an exciting time!! The end of April brings the introduction of our new pet food line, Red Flannel ™.  Attached in the newsletter is a good deal of information regarding the launch of this much anticipated line. I’ll be scheduling with many of you times to cover the new products, marketing, and promotion. I encourage you to follow the links and learn more about Red Flannel ™!!

Most of the Chickens have been bought, and are needing to eat. I encourage you to promote your lines of chicken feed to try and grow that lifestyle tonnage business. Let me know if you have any needs that I can assist you with to grow your chick starter and grower sales.

The sign-ups for our annual Show Feed VIP are nearing due. This is an excellent program for influential breeders, FFA advisors, and 4-H leaders in your area to learn about new innovations in show animal care, management, and nutrition. If there is anyone in your territory that would benefit from attending, pass along their names, and I’ll help get them registered.

As always, get involved with those projects! Encourage market steer customers to transition to a high energy finishing ration. We have the top show feed line in the industry.  Make it available, stock it, promote it, and you’ll sell it!!

There will be a number of Equine events upcoming, and a bunch of those at the research farm. If there are people in your area who you would like to sell, let's get them to Gray Summit. The same goes for those Equine Vets. Sign-ups for the Consumer Horse VIP and VET VIP are out, and there are a limited number of slots open. These people are how we grow horse feed business;  let us put a major focus right here!!

I understand spring is a busy time.  Don’t lose your drive to sell feed.  As always, thank you for your business!

Tracy Coffland
Account Specialist, Lifestyle Feeds
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(319) 350-5003


April 30       7:00 pm Central Time.  The next installment of Monday Night Live Programs on RFD TV will be held Monday, April 30, on
                     on Building Better Poultry For Fun & Show.  This show will feature our own Dr. Gordon Ballam and Keith Staggs along with
                    Kirk Keene (a national exhibition poultry judge).  Tune in to learn more from our panelists on how to help raise healthy and robust
                    fancy/exotic/exhibition poultry!  Click Here for more details!

June 13-15   SHOW FEED VIP EVENT; Longview Nutrition Center, Gray Summit, MO.  Hurry, space is limited! 
                      See Honor section in newsletter for details!

Spring Feed Displays / Feed On The Floor!

Remember that dog and cat food is always great for building displays, and  horse feed is a real natural in the spring.  Your customers do not know what's in your warehouse -- get it out on the floor right in front of them!  The spring season is a great time to promote your horse and livestock feeds.  You can't always talk to every customer who comes in the store -- let your displays talk for you when you are not available.  And always remember that feeding wild birds is the second largest hobby in the country -- spring is a great time to promote your wild bird line, and you can promote along with any allied products you may carry like bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses and bird books. 




Red Flannel™ On Its Way!

The Red Flannel line of pet foods is available to both LOL and Purina retailers.  In months ahead, you will be hearing more and more about Red Flannel.  The Red Flannel lineup will have an up-to-date formula with chelated minerals, an all natural preservative and Omega Fatty Acids to improve hair coat and skin condition.  The main ingredient in most products is chicken by-product meal which will enhance palatability and provide a naturally occurring source of glucosamine.  Also, in most cases, the dog will eat less, so that means less stool to clean up.  We have also added a Large Breed Adult product to this lineup.  For more information on product transitioning from Achieve to Red Flannel, Click Here.  Remember, when customers transition their pets to Red Flannel™ Pet Food, they need to do so gradually over a 7- to 10-day period to avoid any digestive upsets.

Click Here for some insight from Larry Miller, Pet Food Sales & Marketing Specialist, on our new Red Flannel™ product line.

Rainbow Bridge - Comforting Thoughts On The Loss Of A Pet

Pets can be a real part of your family -- and the loss of a pet can be devastating.  Here is the article that Larry Miller was referring to in his letter above. 
Click Here for some solace in the loss of a family pet.

Pet Food Recall On Rice Protein Concentrate

Diamond Pet Foods has issued details regarding certain products containing rice protein concentrate that were recalled.  (Neither rice protein concentrate nor wheat gluten has ever been included in any product provided to Land O'Lakes by the Diamond Pet Food Company. Click Here to view Diamond Pet Foods letter of explanation on this issue.  Click Here to view press release information.

RFD-TV Presents Building Better Poultry For Fun & Show

Tune In!  Don't miss RFD-TV's broadcast beginning at 7:00 pm (central time) on Monday, April 30th!  An expert panel will discuss the nutrition and management of raising healthy backyard poultry and on showing market and exhibition poultry.  The panel is available to answer your questions and will provide tips to make you more competitive in the show ring.  The panel will highlight the effects of feeding properly balanced diets to build better chickens, ducks, turkey and all types of poultry.  Click Here for details.

Showpig Base Product  (Code: 1311368-106)

This product was designed for producers who want to utilize a grind & mix ration for their show pigs.  It will give them more flexibility than our current line of complete pig show feeds while at the same time allow them to use locally grown feedstuffs.   Showpig Base is a variable inclusin product that allows the manufacture of high quality Showpig feeds for pigs weighing 15 lbs. and up.  Click Here for detailed product information on features/benefits.  

We have also provided some sample Showpig Base diets for your review.  Click Here to view/print sample diets.

Grow Your Show Feed Business at Show Feed VIP!

If you are interested in growing your Show Feed business, here is a great way to get started:  Attend our VIP Event at Longview Nutrition Center at Gray Summit, MO - June 13-15.  This VIP is intended for Vo-Ag Teachers, 4-H & FFA leaders and breeders.  For more details, contact your Land O'Lakes Purina Feed sales representative.  Hurry!  Space is limited!    Click Here to view or print detailed flyer.

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