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October 22, 2007
Volume 2, Number 10

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We tried to put a lot of good information in this each month, stuff pertinent to your business; and I hope that is what you find. If you have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. What we initially wanted from this is a nice, tidy way to get everyone product updates and important information in an interesting, easy-to-access e-mail.

Red Flannel™ pet food continues to roll!  Sales are hitting high water marks every month, and with your efforts, that should continue.  Fall horse promotions are underway, and are doing great.

Soon we’ll be around to discuss the Better Animals® Program and some wonderful changes and additions that will really help you focus your efforts and grow your Beef and Lifestyle business.

If you have considered attending the upcoming Retail Solutions Expo that will be in Palm Springs, CA in February, I encourage you to book your hotel rooms and continue to check airline rates as they change daily & low price fees can pop-up any day.  The hotel is filling quickly, so don’t hesitate. This will be an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and get some excellent deals!  If you have any questions, contact your sales rep for more information.

Thank you for your continued business and have a  Happy Halloween!

Tracy Coffland
Account Specialist, Lifestyle Feeds
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(319) 350-5003


February 5-7, 2008
   PALM SPRINGS RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, Wyndham Palm Springs Resort and Convention Center,
                                   Palm Springs, CA.  Registration Deadline: January 3, 2008.  Register early!  You can't afford to miss out!
                                   (Click Here for details!



Feed-On-The-Floor Gets Attention for Red Flannel

Woodard Grain & Mercantile in Maize, KS did a nice job in creating a great feed-on-the-floor display as they introduced Red Flannel™ to their customers.  An antique truck that they use quite frequently in their store draws attention and allows for the feed as well as p-o-s material to be displayed nicely.  Click Here for this example of a great product display!


Winterize Your Horse Event
       (For Reach Dealers only)

Winterize Your Horse Events are happening all around the country.  If you signed up for an event, you should have your point-of-sale kits at this time.  All the prize kits were sent to the sales person you listed on your sign-up form, so please contact them and finalize your event planning.


                     Winterize Your Horse Event POS & Prize Kits

   If you are a Reach Dealer and you signed up for a Winterize Your Horse Event, you should
   have received your point-of-sale kit.

   Your prize kit was sent to the sales person listed on your sign-up form, so please contact
   them now and finalize your event planning  (The prize kit has Equine Merit Coupons, Equine
   Merit T-shirts, and a Thermal Foal Blanket -- if you did not have an event, you will not
   receive a prize kit



Change in Provider for Land O'Lakes Brochures, Meeting Supplies, Etc.

Today, October 22nd, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed launches a NEW marketing materials supply program. The new program will offer many benefits for Land O'Lakes Purina Feed dealers and company users.

During the transition to our new corporate service provider, we had to make our marketing materials unavailable (October 5th - 21st).  However, everything should be in place now.  You may have received an e-mail communication by now that inventory has been transitioned and is available.  You will still be able to access materials as you have in the past via a link on

We hope this was not too inconvenient for you during the time that we moved our inventory to the new facility.  Thank you for your patience.


Iowa State Fair Grand Champion!

Another Honor® Show Feed winner (Dan Harmsen - Rock Valley, Iowa) from the Iowa State Fair!   Click Here to view pictures (Grand Champion at June's Iowa Elite Jackpot Show and 2007 Grand Champion at the Iowa State Fair). 

:  If you have local winners, please share pictures with us so we can include in a future newsletter.

Honor® Show Feed Awards Program

For pictures and stories on Honor® winners and awards program details, visit  If you have a Grand Champion or Reserved Grand Champion at your County Fair, Click Here to redeem your prizes on line.

Brood Cows - Pregnancy Checking In Fall

As we work with producers, a question that often comes up is what about my brood cows as I preg check this fall. Options are: bred and good BCS, bred and needing BCS, or open.  Don’t just dump the opens, put them on feed and reap the rewards of upgrading the cows from poor, shelled out cows to choice white grease #1 cows. The economics are in the upgrading in the initial cost of the open cow.

Maybe splitting the cows so that poor BCS cows are fed better, consider putting them with replacement heifers.  No need to spend money on feeding the whole herd, which the boss cows take more than they need anyway, give it to the thin cows and realize savings for your producers.

Body Condition Score's Effect on Longevity/Replacement Rate

What is the effect of cow condition on the overall average age of a cow herd?  This informative article by Dr. Clifton L. Willms, Cattle Nutritionist, will give you some valuable information for your producers -- Click Here.

Cull Cow Feeding Project in Southwest Iowa

Read this interesting article by Evan Vermeer, Beef Technical Consultant, Quality Liquid Feeds -- it contains some interesting observations from a recent feeding project coordinated by ISU extension that concluded in Southwest IA -- Click Here

Goat's Milk Has Met Its Match!

Land O'Lakes® Doe's Match™ Premium Blend Kid Milk Replacer is a great choice for a producer wanting to help kids reach their full potential -- it even outperforms goat's milk.  Producers spend less and goats grow more.  Click Here for details on this new product.


Heritage Trading October Specials

Check out Heritage Trading's October Animal Care Specials (these offers end October 31st).  Click Here  for details.

                        To place an order, call Heritage Trading Company at (888) 669-6050 Opt. 3 or fax to (800) 435-2070.

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