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January 11, 2007
Volume 2, Number 1

First of all I want to thank you for your business this past year. We had a lot of successes, and I truly hope to build from that thru 2007. I’m very excited about bringing you new programs to grow your business
There are a lot of events coming up, starting with the National Pheasant Fest in Des Moines, IA January 19-21. This will be the first time for this huge event in the state, and we’ll have a booth promoting our wildlife and pet products. I look forward to seeing some of you outdoor enthusiasts in attendance.
Lambs are hitting the ground and those fair pigs will be soon also, so I’d like everyone to push those starters. Our show feed lines are the best in the industry, so let's get those products in, advertise and display, and create some champions!

A lot of you will be seeing me soon to do some planning and goal setting for 2007. One main segment I’m covering is making a list of potential clients you all would like to have my assistance in gaining business for this next year. Kennels, larger horse operations, show livestock folks, fish hatcheries, high fence ops, etc., are some of what I hope to help you all capture this next year!! Keep me posted on your list.

Once again, thank you for your business in 2006, and let's have a even better 2007!

Tracy Coffland
Account Specialist, Lifestyle Feeds
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(319) 350-5003


Feb. 6th-8th   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Phoenix, AZ   (Click Here to view Phoenix Expo flyer and Registration Form).  Attached is information on
                       additional motel rooms for the Phoenix Expo.  Motel rooms at the Wyndham are booked, so you may want to contact one of these motels
                       for a room.          (Click Here to view motel choices)           (Click Here to view or print area map)

                       Be sure to register ($75) for the conferences on Tuesday--you MUST register in order to attend the Better Animals and Reach launches!!!!

Need Brochures or LOL Wearables?  Contact PromoAdvantage!

PromoAdvantage is a company that focuses on providing excellent promotional products and services to its clients.  Land O'Lakes is one of PromoAdvantage's largest clients and it stores, ships and helps manage Land O'Lakes' in-stock program.

As a dealer/cooperative, you can contact PromoAdvantage for any promotional merchandising needs you have.  If you're looking for brochures, sell sheets, posters, shirts, hats, mugs, etc., the best and first place to look is Land O'Lakes' In-Stock Program found on their website:  If you don't find what you're looking for there, contact Katherine Nielsen by e-mail:
or call (651) 766-5524.  PromoAdvantage will help you find what you're looking for and will be happy to customize it as you like.


Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Maximize the Utilization of Feedstuffs

Beef producers will be challenged with extra feed costs through the rest of the winter and spring.  Click Here for information about a few ways they will be able to maximize the utilization of the feedstuffs cattle are being fed.

Final Days -- Equine Merit
® Winterize Your Horse 2006

Winterize Your Horse events should be wrapping up.  The coupons that were available for the events will expire on January 31, 2007; and all coupons should be sent to CMS Services for reimbursement.  The postmark must be no later than 2/28/07.

First Quarter Statement Stuffers

If you were involved with the 2006 Advantage program, you will receive first quarter statement stuffers in 2007.  This continuation of the Statement Stuffer/Advantage program will only be carried over in the first quarter of 2007. 

First Quarter Statement Stuffers will arrive around the end of January, 2007 and expire March 31.  Reimburse first quarter statement stuffers through CMS.  There will NOT be a 10% discount window on these products for current Advantage program retailers.  First Quarter Statement Stuffer will include:

                                $5.00 OFF 1-50 lb. bag of Equine Merit Mare & Foal
                                50¢ OFF 1-50 lb. bag of Country Flock Starter/Grower
                                $2.00 OFF 1-50 lb. bag of Honor Show Calf Grower
                                $5.00 OFF 1-40 lb. bag of Achieve Puppy Food

Heritage Trading Winter Dealer DeWormer Offer

Place orders today.  All orders must ship by February 28, 2007.  Click Here to view or print Dewormer Drop Ship Order Form.

Note:  When ordering Milk Replacer products, contact your local plant for product availability--advance notice may be required on certain products.

Ultra Fresh Lamb Milk Replacer

Give your lambs a healthy, frisky start on life.   Click Here to view brochure.   Offered in these sizes:

                Product:                                          Product Code:        Size: 
                Ultra Fresh Lamb Milk Replacer     1494000-300         25 lb. Bag
                Ultra Fresh Lamb Milk Replacer     1494000-121         4/8 Pails                                        

Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer

Give them a meal just like Mom used to make!  Mare's Match is made with high quality milk protein and fat levels equal to Mother's own, providing the nutrition your foals need to reach their maximum genetic potential.  Click Here to view or print detailed sell sheet and Foal Management Practices.

                Product:                                          Product Code:        Size: 
                Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer   1487000-112         20 lb. Pail
                Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer   1487000-121         4/8 Pails

Mare's Match Foal Pellets

Your goal is growing a foal to its full genetic potential.  Land O'Lakes® Mare's Match® Foal Pellets are part of that equation.  A milk-based supplement, designed to provide your young foals and weaning horses with palatable, scientific nutrition that's part of a flexible successful nutritional feeding program.
25 lb. pail (Product Code 1919800-203).  Click Here to view or print detailed sell sheet.

Kid Milk Replacer

Product:                                          Product Code:        Size: 
               Kid Milk Replacer (Non-Med)       1495000-103         25 lb. Bag
               Kid Milk Replacer Deccox (DC)    1495010-103         25 lb. Bag
               Kid Milk Replacer (DC)                 1495010-121         4/8 lb. Pails

Nursing Formula Multi Specie

Product:                                          Product Code:        Size: 
               Nursing Formula Multi Specie          1466200-121        4/8 lb. Pails

(All products are non-medicated with exception of Kid Milk Replacer as noted above)           

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