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September 18, 2006
Volume 1, Number 5

Hello September, hello Fall! Wrapping up the State Fair season, and the winning results just keep rolling in. Land O'Lakes Purina has had a remarkable summer, I encourage everyone to scroll down the newsletter and look at the links and list of winners, if this doesn’t get you excited about selling show feed?!

I visited with a number of producers and showpersons at county and state fairs, and we have a wonderful product, and folks know it, however, it is important that we have it available for them, when they need it. Show feed sales could easily double with our combined effort. I’m looking forward to assisting in selection meetings this fall, and working with 4-H and FFA groups. Any assistance I can get with everyone to set up meetings over the next couple months, will be wonderful.

Don’t forget about selling wildlife feeds either! The Fall season makes for a great time to schedule Hunter’s Night Out events. Hunters enjoy getting together and talking about their successes, and we like to be able to assist them in their endeavors. Be in contact with the local Whitetails or Pheasants Forever groups, and check on meeting times, and let me know, so I can make some presentations, and help grow that business for you.

Have a safe and prosperous Fall. Thank you for your continued business

Tracy Coffland
Account Specialist, Lifestyle Feeds
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(319) 350-5003


Oct. 2  RFD-TV MONDAY NIGHT LIVE - Land O'Lakes Feed Cattle PhD's will discuss feeding innovations from the Longview animal
            Nutrition Center beef facilities.  Be sure to tune in!  Starting at 8:00 pm (Eastern time).  (Click Here to view stations airing and future planned shows)

Oct. 21-22   SAM POWELL 2-DAY RIDING CLINIC, "TEACHING BY ASKING" - American Legacy Stables, Omaha, NE
                    (See details in Horse section below)


Getting The Most From Your End Caps

Studies have shown that if every gondola has an end cap, you are increasing exposure to products by 400%. Using end caps and manufacturer-provided displays is an effective way to have a silent salesperson in your store. It’s a great way to introduce new products, reintroduce old products, showcase a “Hot Buy” or simply create an impulse buy. Here are some tips for effective use and management your end caps!

(Click Here for End Cap Tips!)

Proven Winner! - Suggested End cap!  Happy Hound Biscuits have been a tried and true hit. They offer great packaging in the clear plastic
bags or bulk display boxes. A store manager that I work with recently commented on how the “Happy Hound Biscuits” had really taken off with his end cap display. He also liked the fact that compared to the other brand of biscuits that he was selling, Happy Hound Biscuits have better packaging and the price is right!

Remember!  Consumers like to shop in a fun and friendly environment!

We appreciate your animal feed business!

Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Bovatec and Aureomycin Feed Additives

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration granted approval for the combination of two feed additives, Bovatec and Aureomycin to be fed simultaneously.

(Click Here for more information on these Feed Additives)

Finish Strong!

Make sure you feed IGR mineral through the season. The success of your fly control program next year depends on finishing completely through the season this fall. RangeLand minerals containing Altosid (IGR) should be fed for thirty days AFTER a killing frost. This will ensure that the adult population is minimized and egg populations are as low as possible. If we stop feeding IGR too early in the season, there is a late season increase in the adult population that quickly laid eggs. Their eggs over winter and are ready to establish fly populations next spring. All that can be avoided by extending the Altosid feeding period just thirty more days this fall. Net result: Better fly control early next season.

Fly control through Altosid is available in several RangeLand Mineral products and has become the easiest, most effective and economical war of controlling flies for cattle producers.

Cattle VIP Meeting and Educational Forum

A spring Cattle VIP Meeting at Longview Research Center proved a valuable trip for a cattle customer.  Read this interesting article by Evan Rayl that was published in a recent issue of Livestock Plus Inc. magazine.  (Click Here to view article

Heritage Trading Company - Cattle Products

Click Here to view promotional features on Cattle Products featured by Heritage Trading Company.  Orders can be placed by calling 888-669-6050
(opt. 3) or visit their website at

Honor Roll Highlights

Our Honor Roll continues to grow!  2006 has been an unprecedented year for Honor Show Lamb and Show Pig products. 
(Click Here for highlights of some of our victories)

2006 Honor Winners List/Pics

Lists of  Honor State Fair winners continue to come in!  Iowa State Fair: Grand 4-H Market Hog, Res Grand FFA Market Hog, Grand FFA Market Lamb.  Also, Honor fed the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the South Dakota State Fair.  (Click Here to view a listing of our Honor winners)
(Click Here to view Honor winner picture)

Registering for Honor Roll Program

If one of your customers had a Grand or Reserve Champion that was fed one of the qualifying Honor Show Feed products, they are eligible for an "Honor Roll" Award.  Go to for more information or to go directly to registration form Click Here.  All entries are due no later than 60 days after the qualifying show.

RFD-TV To Host Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Nutritionists and Vets

LOL Purina Feed offers free advice on feeding your horse for longevity on September 18th!  Be sure to turn in to this program!  Three members of the horse technical team will provide information on how to provide optimal nutrition to your horse at every life stage.  There will also be a call-in question and answer session.  (Click here for September 18th show details)   (Click here to view stations airing and future planned shows)

Sam Powell Horsemanship Clinic

Influential Sam Powell will be conducting a horsemanship clinic in the Omaha area on October 21st & 22nd -- "Teaching By Asking."  This is a 2-Day Riding Clinic conducted at American Legacy Stables in Omaha, NE.  For reservations, contact Chris Ludlow (816) 918-8945. 

(Click Here to view detailed flyer)

Pet Food Price Increase

Due to the continued rise in energy, transportation and other related costs -- there will be a price increase on PMI Nutrition, Achieve, Crossroads, Exclusive and Country Acres pet foods on October 2, 2006.

Achieve Pet Foods -- It Costs No More To Feed The Best!

Have your customers switch to Achieve for a healthier dog in just 30 days!  Achieve is so calorie dense, you can feed as much as 20% less than other products and still deliver 100% of the nutrients a dog needs.  (Click Here to see some sample numbers of cost/month versus a competitive brand)

Body condition influences everything in a dog's life.  Charting results will allow our customers to start to see a difference in as little as 30 days.
(Click Here for charting information in evaluating a dog's body condition)

Honor™ Goat Blend R80

This product is a 36% protein concentrate that can be mixed with grains to create a variety of protein and energy options.  Fortified with high levels of required nutrients for optimal performance, it is a pelleted feed form perfect for growing and finishing meat-type goats.  (Click Here for detailed product information)

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