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August 16, 2007
Volume 2, Number 8

Wow another month has flown by, here it is County Fair time. Hope you are out supporting all your Show Chow customers and watching them win the show!

You should have received information about the San Antonio EXPO in the mail, let me know whether you plan on attending or not. We have two new dealerships that have opened in August:  Turtle Mountain Fleet Farm in Belcourt and Diamond W Animal Essentials in Bismarck.  Hopefully, you will get to meet them soon. The professional merchandiser will be in the Bismarck store the last week of August, and I would like to invite you to come and learn from her.  Those who were involved in the Minot project know what a valuable experience this is.

See you soon and in the meantime Good Selling!

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(406) 939-1101


, Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN.   Registration Deadline:
                August 3, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

September 10-12   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX.  Registration Deadline: 
                August 27, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!



Red Flannel- Cost to Feed

To assist in figuring the cost to feed our Red Flannel™ brand pet food, please see the chart provided by Dedham Co-Op which gives you cost/pound and cost/day for feeding Red flannel Prime, Active or Hi-Pro.  Click Here to view/print this informative chart.

And . . . for additional information on the Red Flannel™ line, check our website at

Promote Red Flannel™ In Your Store

• Train your store employees.
   • Build displays in high traffic areas and on end caps -- don’t forget signage.
   • Detail shelves.
   • Advertise.
   • Put up the POS including the Frequent Purchase Shelf Talker. Fill in the net price by taking advantage of the 7th FREE bag.
   • Make sure you remind your customers to transition over “slowly” from old PMI and/or other competitive pet foods.

Pet Food Price Increase

Unfortunately, the higher quality ingredients in pet foods have increased in price over the past year.  You will note that there will be modest price increases on our pet foods, although we will not be increasing prices on our Exclusives® at this time.  For more details, Click Here.



                 Register To Have A Winterize Your Horse Event!

  If you are a Reach Dealer and you would like to have a Winterize Your Horse Event, now is the
  time to sign up. Print the attached sign up form, fill it out completely and fax it to 314-317-5276.

  Fax your scheduled Event before September 7th . . .  planning ahead is the key to a successful
  event. Register your Winterize Your Horse Event, and you will receive a prize kit for each event
  you hold at your store. The prize kit will have Equine Merit Coupons, Equine Merit T-shirts, and
  a Thermal Foal Blanket. If you do not have an event you will not receive a prize kit.

                                              Click Here to view/print sign-up form.

Equine Merit® Win-A-Ton Summer Promotion!

By now, you should have received details on the Equine Merit® Summer Promotion.  This is a sweepstakes -- anyone can enter to win, and they do not have to purchase to win.  Grand prize is a ton of any Equine Merit® Lifestyle feeds -- pleasure, active, performance, complete, senior or mare & foal are eligible.  Second prize will be seven Regional winners who will win ten bags each of Lifestyle feeds.  Third prize will be fifteen Regional winners who will win one magazine subscription for one year.  Kits with counter card, ad slicks, entry forms were mailed in July. 

Retail Is Detail!

77% of consumers say they would spend an average of 21% more $'s if a store was remodeled or renewed in line with the features they want and value.  A recent consumer study indicated the following features were important:

                                                #1 - Store staff have the most influence in how consumers perceive a store.
                                                #2 - Restrooms -- it is true that customers judge you about how well your
                                                        restrooms are constructed and maintained.

Other items of high importance to the customer are:

                                                        Store Layout            Noise Level
                                                        Temperature            Parking Lot
                                                        Lighting                    Flooring

Even if a new store remodel or construction is not in your immediate plans, be sure to cover the basics . . .
                                                ę Staff training and morale are still #1 to the customer.
                                                ę Provide good lighting in a comfortable shopping environment
                                                       and clean restrooms.

If you would like help evaluating your current store or are interested in enhancing your retail presence, give us a call!

Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Animal Makeover™ TV

Feedback and initial results of our Animal Makeover™ TV series on RFD-TV are impressive.  Feedback from consumer response to RFD is overwhelmingly positive, and we have had over 600,000 hits to our website!  We continue to add over 600 new names each week to our list of prospects.  Our Better Animals Program dealers are also realizing a positive effect -- they are up over 11,000 tons through June.

We are working right now on the story lines and format for the next new season of shows for 2008.  In the meantime, the attached show synopsis describes the next set of thirteen episodes in our initial series.  Click Here for descriptions of these shows. 

Remember, programs air on RFD-TV on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CST -- plus you can view clips from the shows and find additional resources at our website,


Honor® Show Feed Awards Program

For pictures and stories on Honor® winners and awards program details, visit  If you have a Grand Champion or Reserved Grand Champion at your County Fair, Click Here to redeem your prizes on line.

New Commercial Goat Products

Check out our new Commercial Goat Products . . . all products are not yet inventoried everywhere, so be sure to check availability at your plant first.
Click on name to view product information . . .

T-CM Dairy Goat Conc.
T-Kid Goat Grower 16
T-Kid Goat Grower 16 R20
T-Kid Goat Str-Gwr 18 R20

T-Kid Goat Str-Gwr 18
T-Dairy Goat Parlor 16
T-Dairy Goat Parlor 18
T-Total Goat Lactation 18%



Cattle Feeding - Producer Proofs

Remember to think about collecting proofs as your producers wean and creep feed calves -- or as they use our cattle starting products.

Heritage Trading August Specials

Take advantage of the August sale on Heritage Trading's Animal Care products.  Click Here to view/print August sale flyer.

To place an order, call Heritage Trading Company at (888) 669-6050 Opt. 3 or fax to (800) 435-2070.

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