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June 18, 2007
Volume 2, Number 6

I have just had the opportunity to attend the Show Chow VIP at the Longview Nutrition Center at Gray Summit. I strongly recommend that we start working on getting your county extension agent or VoAg teachers to attend next year's VIP. The teachers and extension agents really benefited from this training. It also is good training for anyone at your dealership that you would like to be involved in selling show feeds. It is the beginning of county fair season, this is your opportunity to mingle with the show families and be on hand to congratulate them when they win with Show Chow or Honor show feeds.

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

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July 23
    RFD-TV MONDAY NIGHT LIVE SHOW.  7:00 pm Central Time.  The next installment of Monday Night Live
                on RFD TV will be on Monday, July 23, and will feature Weaning & Starting Cattle.  Mark your calendar and tune
                in to learn more from the experts.  More details later!

August 21-23   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN.   Registration Deadline:
                August 3, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

September 10-12   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX.  Registration Deadline: 
                August 27, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

Red Flannel™ Stocking Promotion Runs Thru June 30th!

Remember, our introductory stocking promotion runs thru June 30th!  Take advantage of the June pricing!  FREE promotional materials . . . Click Here to view details on promotion.  Click Here to view/print Red Flannel™ Order Form.   Click Here to view/print Red Flannel™ SP Numbers.

H & S Feed & Country Store Features Red Flannel™

Here are some recent pictures taken at H & S Feed & Country Store in Oskaloosa, IA as they showcased the introduction of Red Flannel™ in their store utilizing end caps and feed on the floor . . . an excellent example of a Master Level display.   _ Click Here to view pictures.

Revision in Red Flannel™ Laminated Shelf Talker (SP 5426)

Please note that the Laminated Shelf Talker (SP 5426) in the Red Flannel™ POS Kit has an error.  The name for the old PMI Nutrition was incorrect on the High Protein and Premium Formulas. The "bag images are correct" but the Hi-Protein was labeled Premium and the Premium was labeled Adult.  The Red Flannel™  Laminated Shelf Talker will be taken out of future POS Kits and FRI/Ag2Ag.  (The good news is that the old PMI Nutrition products are almost depleted.)  Please Click Here for the corrected copy.

And . . . check out Red Flannel™ which is now on the website.

Ten Summer Marketing Ideas

By implementing some simple, effective marketing tactics, pet retailers can attract summer crowds.  Click Here to view interesting article which was published in last month's Pet Business magazine.

Coupon Redemption Facts/Forms 

Have questions on how to redeem Land O'Lakes Purina Feed coupons, need clarification on coupon rejections or simply need to secure a coupon redemption form?   Click on any of the links below to view/print the item:

                Coupon Handling-FAQ's            Redemption Form            Coupon Dispute Form            Coupon Rejection Letter Explanations

Animal Makeover™ TV

If you haven't had a chance to catch any of the episodes of Animal Makeover™ TV that air on RFD-TV on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CST -- remember that you can view clips from the show and find additional resources at our website,   Click Here for more details on this program.  Click Here for latest broadcast schedule for Animal Makeover™ TV (segments subject to change).

Monday Night Live - RFD-TV

Our Monday Night Live programming continues with some excellent topics coming up in the near future.  Airing July 23rd will be our program on "Weaning & Starting Cattle."  Click Here for latest broadcast schedule for our Monday Night Live programs (segments subject to change).

Coming Soon!  Equine Merit® Win-A-Ton Summer Promotion!

Watch for details on the Equine Merit® Summer Promotion.  This will be a sweepstakes -- anyone can enter to win, and they do not have to purchase to win.  Grand prize will be a ton of any Equine Merit® Lifestyle feeds pleasure, active, performance, complete, senior or mare & foal are eligible).  Second prize will be seven Regional winners who will win ten bags each of Lifestyle feeds.  Third prize will be fifteen Regional winners who will win one magazine subscription for one year.  Kits with counter card, ad slicks, entry forms, etc. will be sent in July -- more details later! 
Click Here to preview "Fun-In-The-Sun sweepstakes logo.




Creep Feeding Programs

Even though we have decent rains in most of our areas this past month and grass looks great, don’t let producers put off getting started on creep feeding programs.  The grass will dry up soon enough with the windy days we’ve had, and the calves won’t eat much at this time.  You have the best programs in the feed industry with the two stages of Creep Pasture Gest and Ration Manager after feed intakes are established.  Do yourself, and your producers, a favor and have them figure the total dollars spent on creep feeding the past few years, and no one will compete with you on dollars per head spent on creep feeding program.  For more information on our website, Click Here  _

Treating Anaplasmosis with Aureomycin

At a recent cattle meeting, attention was brought to an issue that has plagued other states for years, and it now has reached our area. That disease is Anaplasmosis, and it can be treated by Aureomycin.  Another reason for our cattle producers to add this to their feeding program, it is often included with Altosid for fly control.  The option of Aureo+Bovatec for calves on creep feed is another interesting option as well.  See the attached article by Alpharma Animal Health Division for more information on Anaplasmosis _ Click Here.

Strategies For Feeding Modern Showpigs

Click Here for some excellent strategies for feeding modern showpigs . . . from average muscled to heavily muscled barrows and gilts plus feeding breeding gilts. 

Heritage Trading Specials

Click Here to view/print Heritage Trading Animal Care specials running until June 30, 2007.  To place an order, call Heritage Trading Company at (888) 669-6050 Opt. 3 or fax to (800) 435-2070.

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