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May 22, 2007
Volume 2, Number 5

Hope this newsletter finds you having a great start to 2007. Some things that need to be taken care of as part of the Better Animals Media Package participation is the Monthly Marketing Plan needs to filled out and sent to me, and also the Dish contract needs to be signed and turned in. Even if you are just participating in the Better Animals package and not the media portion you need to make sure you fill out your Check Point mailing list, make revisions, or at least let them know that you want the mailer to be sent to the same producers as last year. Please take care of these items by May 25.

Hopefully we have a beautiful day of fishing at Pierre during the Spring Dealer Meeting today.  Have a great May!

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(406) 939-1101


St. Louis, MO  Click Here for detailed agenda.

June 13-15   SHOW FEED VIP EVENT; Longview Nutrition Center, Gray Summit, MO.  Hurry, space is limited! 
                      See Honor section in newsletter for details!

August 21-23   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN.   Registration Deadline:
                August 3, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

September 10-12   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX.  Registration Deadline: 
                August 27, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!



Red Flannel™ Arriving!

This line is starting to arrive from our plants as we deplete the inventory of our traditional PMI Nutrition products.  The excitement for this new Red Flannel™ line continues to grow! 

Red Flannel™ Stocking Promotion/FREE Promotional Materials:  The introductory offer runs May 14th through June 30th.  Click Here to view details on stocking promotion.  Click Here to view/print Red Flannel™ Order Form. 

And . . . Red Flannel™ is now on the website.  Take a look!

For a quick review of the eight formulas available and what each can do for your customers' pets, Click Here.  Remember, when customers transition their pets from Achieve Pet Food to Red Flannel™ Pet Food, they need to do so gradually over a 7 to 10-day period to avoid any digestive upsets.  The linked file that follows should provide a guide for you to find the Red Flannel™ pet food formula to transition to from Achieve.   Click Here to view product transition information.

Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

We work at teaching our dogs new tricks, how to behave, etc.  But sometimes we can learn a lot from them, too!  Click Here for some light-hearted tips from man's (and woman's) best friend.

Animal Makeover™ TV

Land O'Lakes Purina Feed is producing a 13-episode television show called Animal Makeover™ TV that airs on RFD-TV on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CST.  Programming started May 1st.  Click Here for details.  Also, you can view clips from the show and find additional resources at our website,

Are Shavings Getting Harder To Find?

So why not try, "Simply the Best Animal Bedding" Eagle Valley ABM?  Eagle Valley ABM has been hailed for the benefits of wood pelletized bedding for animals of all types. The performance qualities far outweigh traditional wood shavings 9 to 1.

For more information, call Jane at 1-877-225-0646 or check out the website at




Feeding Ration Manager to Yearlings & Breeding Heifers

Please follow the link to refresh yourself on feeding Ration Manager to yearlings and breeding heifers. Remember to track intakes on these cattle to predict performance, monitor grass levels, and cattle condition. You do need to work out a plan with the producer prior to starting these programs, rather than just filling the feeder, to bring them the productivity that they expect. Not everyone has the same goal, so work with them on what they desire.
            Click Here for product specs and features/benefits of 1760220 Rangeland® Ration Manager™.

Stocker Cattle . . . Converting Grass to Wholesome Beef!

Optimizing forage utilization is fundamental to your success . . . and converting it to beef is your business. 

            Click Here for detailed article on Stocker Cattle . . . converting grass to wholesome beef!

Effect of Supplemental Summer Mineral

Many of our areas got drenched with rain this past month, giving hope to cattle producers.  With pairs going to grass and breeding approaching, now is a good time to remind ourselves and our producers of the benefits of using Aureo (CTC) in our minerals:  improvements in breeding, footrot reduction, increased calf weaning weights and more pounds of beef producer per acre.  With pasture rents going up, forage and grain costs increasing and calf prices reduced from the past few years -- we owe it to producers to help them gain more from their dollars invested with us.  Adding pounds with a healthy reward is a great idea, so don't miss out on it!  Click Here to view attached Alpharma bulletin on the benefits seen by the use of Aureo.

Heritage Trading Animal Care Specials

Specials that will be ending May 31, 2007, include products from Heritage's Animal Care Catalog.  Click Here to view this month's specials!

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