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March 19, 2007
Volume 2, Number 3

I recently read an article about the "3 Leading Reasons Why Customers Leave and What You Can Do to Keep Them ," that I thought I would share with you . . ..

Some salespeople like to blame price as the reason when a long-term customer is lost. Others use a service issue as the culprit. It's easier to blame the loss on something beyond their personal control. Price is usually not the issue. Customers don't usually leave because of a lower price or a delivery or service issue. They recognize problems associated with price cutters and may be understanding when mistakes are made. There are three situations they usually find unacceptable and it may cause them to find a new supplier.

                    1. Customers get the feeling they're being taken for granted and are no longer receiving the special treatment
                        they had when the account was first opened.  Solution: Building and maintaining trust is essential for making
                        a customer feel special in establishing a long-term relationship.

                    2. Customers feel you're more interested in finding new, larger accounts than continuing to spend time with them.
                        Solution: When making a buying decision, they're trusting you to fulfill the commitments that you have made.
                        Think about things from your customer's point-of - view.

                    3. Customers get the idea that the only time we want to see them is when we have something to sell.
                        Solution: Customers are looking for salespeople who constantly show concern and not simply at the
                        point of sale. Customers prefer to work with those who understand their business and are focused
                        on solving their critical business problems.

If you would like to talk more about these situations give me a call.     Have a great March!

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(406) 939-1101


Friday, March 23   SHOWPIG BASE CONFERENCE CALL;  8:30 am;  Call (866) 909-3746,  Passcode: 2807478. 
                    Dr. Kevin Burgoon will be on hand to review this new program and answer any questions you may have.

                    7:00 pm Central Time.   Click Here for more details.

March 30, 31 & April 1   IOWA HORSE FAIR (Des Moines)   We will have a Equine Merit® display booth that weekend. 
                                          Please let me know if you will be available to help any time that weekend..

June 13-15   SHOW FEED VIP EVENT; Longview Nutrition Center, Gray Summit, MO.  Hurry, space is limited! 
                      See Honor™ Section in newsletter for details!

Red Flannel™ Excitement Builds!

Be ready!  New Red Flannel™ pet food hits the shelves April/May (time of availability will vary by market).  The excitement for the introduction of our new Red Flannel™ line continues to grow!  Since its introduction at the Phoenix Expo, we know you are anxious to bring it in.  Coupon insertions are being placed into bags of PMI Nutrition® Pet Food -- Click Here to view details.    
Click Here to view Red Flannel™ Promotional Piece: F Side 1      Side 2

When customers transition their pets from PMI Nutrition® Pet Food to Red Flannel™ Pet Food, they need to do so gradually over a 7- to 10-day period to avoid any digestive upsets.  Click Here to view product transition sheet.

Some features of the new Red Flannel™ product line are:

            1)  Better ingredients -- chicken by products meal instead of meat and bone meal.  (The Hi-Pro
                  and Canine Select products will be the only ones still containing the meat and bone meal.)

            2)  Naturally preserved with Vitamin E.

            3)  Guaranteed levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 for healthy skin and coat.

            4)  Chelated minerals and natural glucosamine.

            5)  More descriptive packaging/merchandising helps consumers match their pet's lifestyle to the
                  ideal Red Flannel™ formula.

NEW Equine Merit® Ad Will Be In Publications March, April and May

The new Equine Merit® ad will be out in March and will run through the month of May.  As a special thank you for being the top sellers, the top 32 Equine Merit® retailers are featured in the ad.  Click Here to see if your name is in the ad.  This advertisement will run in the following publications, and the ad slicks will be available for your use.  Go to the Marketing Resource Library on Ag2Ag to download.

            Today's Horse - Circulation 6,500 per month in SD and NE
            Horse Power - Circulation 22,500 per month in IA, IL, MN, WI, ND, SD, IN, MI, KS, NE and MO
            Horse'n Around - Circulation 18,500 per month in MN, WI, IA, SD, and N. IL
            Horse and Family - Circulation 10,000 per month in MN and E. WI
            The Sentinel - Circulation 20,000 per month in IL, WI, IN and MI
            WI Horseman's News (March and April ONLY) - Circulation 8,500 per month in WI and some IL/MN                                          

Showpig Base Product
  (Code: 1311368-106)

For producers who want to utilize a grind & mix ration for their show pigs, this product will give you more flexibility than our current line of complete pig show feeds while at the same time allow you to use locally grown feedstuffs.   Click Here for detailed article on Showpig Base.  
Click Here for product sheet on Showpig Base (code no. 1311368-106).

We are providing you with a Showpig Base calculator (spreadsheet).  This Showpig Base spreadsheet allows you to formulate diets for pigs using the new Showpig Base.  Enter the price of each ingredient in $/ton, and the amount of each ingredient (except corn which is automatically calculated) in lbs/ton.  The nutrients are also automatically calculated allowing you to adjust and formulate diets for various age and weight of pigs.
Click Here to open and download /save Showpig Base calculator.   Note:  This spreadsheet is a .zip (zipped/compressed) file.  If you need unzip software on your system, Click Here (will take you to WinZip website).
Join our conference call on Friday, March 23rd at 8:30 a.m.  Dr. Kevin Burgoon will be on hand to review this new program and to answer any questions you may have.  Call (866) 909-3746;  Passcode:  2807478.

RFD-TV Presents Show Pigs & Show Lambs -- Nutrition & Management

Tune In!  Don't miss RFD-TV's broadcast beginning at 7:00 pm (central time) on Monday, March 26th!  An expert panel will discuss nutrition, management and showmanship on sale and show animals.  Click Here for details.

Grow Your Show Feed Business at Show Feed VIP!

If you are interested in growing your Show Feed business, here is a great way to get started:  Attend our VIP Event at Longview Nutrition Center at Gray Summit, MO June 13-15.  This VIP is intended for Vo-Ag Teachers, 4-H & FFA leaders and breeders.  For more details, contact your Land O'Lakes Purina Feed sales representative.  Hurry!  Space is limited!    Click Here to view or print detailed flyer.

2007 Honor™ Chick Days / Show Feed Kits

HonorChick Days/Show Feed Kits Promotion schedule began February 26th and runs through April 27th -- all plants are on a different schedule.  Plant schedules run 25 shipping days.  Click Here to view Plant Promotional SchedulesClick Here to view promotion details

Equine Specials from Farnam

New Ivercare, Iverease, TapeCare Plus and Strongyle Care Displays will be available soon!  Horse Health Ivermectin Drop Ship Program is here --
order now through March 31, 2007 to receive special pricing!   Click Here for details.

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