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June 8, 2006
Volume 1, Number 2

Wow, where did May go? We just finished a successful Grand Opening at North Country Mercantile in Minot. Just a reminder as the weather warms up don't forget to make sure your inventory is being rotated and be sure to pull the shrink wrap off the pallets as they come in. I will be around to each of you to talk about an exciting Horsemen's Edge promotion that starts in July. The Reno EXPO is also fast approaching on July 25-27, let's get registered soon. See you soon.

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(406) 939-1101


This Marketing Resource Library for Land O'Lakes Purina Feed is live and ready for use!  There are logos, bag images, ad slicks and radio scripts available for your use.  Just access Home Page under FEED - Marketing Resource Library.  Many images have been uploaded and images will continue to be uploaded from the marketing groups. 



uly 25-27     RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO -  Reno, NV

July 31-Aug. 1   EQUINE NUTRITION EDUCATION PROGRAM  (Longview Animal Nutrition Center - Gray Summit, MO)
                             (See details in Horse section)

Aug. 22-24    RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Arlington, TX

Sept. 12-13   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - St. Paul, MN

Sept. 26-28   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Savannah, GA
        Make plans to attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  Two events in one!  Buying Expo and Retail
        Experience Training Conference!  Over 100 exhibiting companies plus feed . . .
Buying specials, training sessions, prices and more . . . Retail Solutions Expo -- The Total Retail Experience!
          Ask your Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Representative for details.  You can't afford to stay home!

Business-Building Tips

As the old saying goes . . . there are only three ways to grow your business.

    1. Get more Customers.
    2. Sell new things to your current customers.
    3. Get your customers into your store more often.

Opportunity: *67% of households own a pet

    • These pets are part of the family
    • People spend over $300/ year on pet food, treats and care products on each pet.
    • Assuming that 67% of your customers own one pet -- that’s a gross sales opportunity
      of $20,000 per 100 customers.

Think about this for a moment… statistics show that there are more people sharing a bed with a pet than sharing a bed with another person!

How to grow pet food:

    a. Samples- set pet food samples by the sales counter.
    b. Encourage your employees to ask people about their pets. (People love to talk about their animals) Give 'em a sample.
    c. Frequent purchase program- Buy 6 get 1 free programs- talk it up!
    d. Have a banner made . . . Free Pet Food) It will catch their attention- when they get inside give them a sample and tell them about the
        Frequent Buyer Program- Buy 6 get 1 Free!
    e. Build a pet food display- close to your counter.
    f. Visit with your Account Manager for ideas on a pet event!
    g. Treats and Toys- Add on impulse sales!
    h. Arm your livestock feed sales people with free samples and a coupon for $2.00 off to encourage you customers to try a bag.
    i. Asking questions will show your customers that you care about their pets!

Retail Solutions Expos

Attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  (Check the Calendar section of this newsletter for dates and places!)

Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Creep Feeding

In today’s cattle economics, extra pounds weaned on a cattleman’s calf crop mean big increases in revenue. But, the benefits of creep feeding go beyond extra pounds of calf weight. Saving body condition, more muscle and bone development in the calves, more efficient use of forage resources and quicker adaptation to the feedlot post-weaning are further reasons that producers are looking for creep feeding options this season. The Land O'Lakes, Inc. cattle website has a thorough discussion of the benefits and economics of creep feeding. This resource can be found by going to  Invite your customers to view this website as well. They will find the discussion and research data very interesting.

Brood Cow

The demands on a brood cow are huge. We expect her to breed promptly, milk efficiently, produce a big, healthy calf at weaning and calve the following year on time and unassisted, plus she needs to move through that cycle for 7-10 years without ever taking a break. Needless to say, you can’t meet these expectations without a strong nutrition program. Mineral supplementation is a cornerstone of nutrition in the brood cow. Supplying Calcium and Phosphorus is important, but appropriate trace mineral feeding is equally as essential. On top of all that the mineral fortification needs to be delivered to the cow in a feeding package that is palatable and predictable without over consumption.

Many cattlemen have started using Rangeland Mineral Tubs for those reasons. They enjoy consistent intakes plus the convenience of tub feeding plus the nutrient package is similar to the Rangeland “weatherized” products. Matching the cow’s mineral needs in a convenient cooked process tub makes Rangeland Mineral Tubs a feeding alternative that deserves consideration.

New Program Structure for Honor Roll Awards Program

The Honor Roll Awards Program has been updated with several changes that were effective March 1st.  HONOR Show Feeds continue to pile up victories and continue to win at every level of competition!  (Click here to view details on this program)

Equine Merit™ Summer Promotion

COMING SOON IN YOUR AREA . . . The Equine MeritSummer Promotion!   Promotion starts July 1, 2006!
Registration deadline is June 20th!


This exciting promotion includes a BUY 2, GET 2 FREE coupon program on any Equine Merit horse feed. The consumer will need to bring in one bag (empty or full) of a competitor’s horse feed (not valid on any Purina Mills Horse Feed) to receive a coupon good for 2 FREE bags of any Equine Merit horse feed when they buy 2 at regular price.  (Offer good on Equine Merit™ Pleasure Pelleted Feed, Equine Merit™ Pleasure Sweet Feed, Equine Merit™ Complete, Equine Merit Active Pelleted Feed, Equine Merit Active Sweet Feed, Equine Merit Mare & Foal, Equine Merit Performance and Equine Merit Senior.


As a participating member, you will receive a point-of-sale kit  (Click Here for POS Information), coupons for your local store, and a retailer listing in regional advertising.   Do not miss this exciting chance to grow your sales this summer!  (Click Here to view Equine Merit™ Sign Up Form)

Contact your sales representative for more information on how you can participate.


Equine Nutrition Education Program:  July 31st - August 1st

Do you have prospective customers who own or influence the buying decision of 20+ horses?  Sign them up for this VIP event held at Longview Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, MO.  Use our 2006 Consumer Horse VIP brochure to get potential new customers to this event with hopes of earning their business.  (Click Here to view Consumer Horse VIP Brochure)  All registration forms for horse owners attending must be received in St. Louis no later than July 17th

The criteria for inviting horse owners to this VIP are that they should be prospective customers and own or influence the buying decision of a minimum of 20 horses.  (This VIP is not designed to be a "thank you" to current customers.)  Take advantage of this event to earn more business for your operation! 

Horse Care

Dr. Katie Young discusses "Are Sugars, Starches and Grains "Evil" in Horse Diets?" -- Click here to view this informative article.


Show Pig

Winning Results Jackpot Series

Winning Results Jackpot Series will be held July 1st, 2006 in Syracuse, NE at the Kimmell Event Center.  1 Day, 2 Shows!
(Click here to view flyer and show details)

HonorTM Show Feeds

See how HONORTM Show Feeds gives you the cutting edge of show pig nutrition.  Click here for information on HONOR Showpig Grower L200.


Click here to view presentation on "The Ultimate in Showpig Nutrition."

(To learn more about HonorTM  specialty feeds, visit our web-site at

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