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May 12, 2006
Volume 1, Number 1

Welcome . . . to the first electronic issue of the Feed Due to the increase in gas prices and wanting to communicate with you in a more timely fashion, I have chosen to provide you with an e-newsletter. Through the magic of e-mail and internet technologies, I will now be able to provide to you a new level of support. A lot of this is new to me, and I bet that it's also new to some of you, so I guess we will learn to leverage this together.

The newsletter contains links to more information -- just click on the highlighted areas to download the information. This format allows you to open the e-mail newsletter faster if you do not have high speed internet service as all the attachments are links and not part of the actual newsletter. You should expect to receive a copy of this e-newsletter from me about once a month. If you have any comments or suggestions about this newsletter just send me an e-mail.

Shelley Tidaback
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed

(406) 939-1101


June 8th & 9th   Extreme Performance Show Lamb Camp, Plymouth County Fair Grounds - Lemars, IA.  See details in Companion Animal section.

June 14-16   Show Feed VIP, Honor Show Feeds & Show Chow Brand Sign-Up.  See details in Companion Animal section.

        Make plans to attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  Two events in one!  Buying Expo and Retail
        Experience Training Conference!  Over 100 exhibiting companies plus feed . . .
Buying specials, training sessions, prices and more . . . Retail Solutions Expo -- The Total Retail Experience!
          Ask your Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Representative for details.  You can't afford to stay home!

July 25-27     RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO -  Reno, NV
Aug. 22-24    RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Arlington, TX
Sept. 12-13   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - St. Paul, MN
Sept. 26-28   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Savannah, GA

Business-Building Tips

Can you learn some business-building tips from a dog named Spud?   Click here to see what Spud has to say!

At Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC, we are committed to helping you succeed in the competitive business that we are in. We have the tools available to assist you in a store upgrade, business evaluation, or our concept store program (Premier Services). If we can help you with this, please give your salesperson or myself a call. The number one factor in the success of any organization is the people. We appreciate that you are part of our team. The following is a list of factors that can make a store successful. “People like to buy from people that they like.”

10 Good Reasons Why Independent Retailers Succeed:

                 1.  When you open the door in the morning, look at your store through your customer's eyes!
                 2.  Train and provide clear direction for your employees.
                 3.  Review your financials routinely -- (daily sales charts) set targets.
                 4.  Make your customers feel important.  (Big Boxes can't do that!)
                 5.  Have a marketing plan -- know your target.
                 6.  Offer a product mix that fits your target (economy - mid-range - premium).
                 7.  Make your store interesting -- offer new products -- specials.
                 8.  Shop your competition.
                 9.  Continue learning by attending Retail Expos and training seminars.
               10.  Have fun, and your employees and customers will, too!

Retail Solutions Expos

Make plans to attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  (
Check the Calendar section of this newsletter for dates and places!)

Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406


The LongView Animal Nutrition Center at Gray Summit, MO is the premier private research facility in the Feed Industry. Millions of animal owners benefit directly from the nutritional expertise that comes from LongView. There is an excellent bulletin on the Land O'Lakes, Inc. Cattle website ( that tells cattle producers about the basics of a good brood cow program. While you are there, browse the other bulletins as well. You are likely to find several others that will help you, also.

Brood Cow

The demands on a brood cow are huge. We expect her to breed promptly, milk efficiently, produce a big, healthy calf at weaning and calve the following year on time and unassisted, plus she needs to move through that cycle for 7-10 years without ever taking a break. Needless to say, you can’t meet these expectations without a strong nutrition program. Mineral supplementation is a cornerstone of nutrition in the brood cow. Supplying Calcium and Phosphorus is important, but appropriate trace mineral feeding is equally as essential. On top of all that the mineral fortification needs to be delivered to the cow in a feeding package that is palatable and predictable without over consumption.

Many cattlemen have started using Rangeland Mineral Tubs for those reasons. They enjoy consistent intakes plus the convenience of tub feeding plus the nutrient package is similar to the Rangeland “weatherized” products. Matching the cow’s mineral needs in a convenient cooked process tub makes Rangeland Mineral Tubs a feeding alternative that deserves consideration.

HONORTM Show Feeds

HONORTM Showcalf Performix signed for the needs of show cattle.  Click here for product features and benefits and detailed product information and directions for use.

VIP Sign-Up

Show Feed VIP - Honor Show Feeds & Show Chow Brand - June 14, 15 & 16 Sign Up.  (Click here for details and to view VIP Sign-Up Form)

Extreme Performance Show Lamb Camp

June 8 & 9, 2006 - Plymouth County Fair Grounds - Lemars, IA - This camp is designed for all ages of showman, from beginners to seasoned veterans.  It is designed to raise the show person's ability to exhibit at a whole new level of competition.  To learn details on this event,
click here.

Meetings Pay!

Following is a letter that Tracy Coffland received from Donnie Bloes following a Wild Bird meeting held at his store in Jesup, IA.  Two separate meetings were held -- one in the morning and one in the evening, with a total attendance of over 170 people!  Keep in mind, Jesup is a small community of about 2,200 people.
        "Thanks for the compliments on our Wild Bird Seminar.  Honestly, I was expecting a crowd, but will admit to being overwhelmed
        by the crowd that showed up.  The total sales for the day of the seminar were up about $800 over the same day last year. However,
        since the seminar, I can honestly say bird seed sales are up, and many of those who did not buy that evening are coming in to buy
        now.  For instance, last Saturday, I had a gal who was from Independence come in the store and bought $136 worth of bird seed
        and feeders alone.  She had never been in the store and was totally impressed and promised she would be back.  Since then, we
        have also had two couples come in to thank us for the seminar and to tell us how well they liked it.  We have received thank you
        letters and many, many nice comments being received as we meet people on the street.  Already people are asking when we will
        do it again.  So, yes, it was a huge success and I want to thank you for your part in making it so.  If I was to do it differently, what I
        would do is rather than give a free 20 lb. bag away, I would probably give a free 10 lb. bag away and they can achieve a free 20
        or 50 lb. bag, depending on the dollars they spend within the store.  Just a thought!"

This is a testament to how meetings work to drive business!

Horse Care

Dr. Katie Young provides insight on "Frequently Asked Questions" on Horse Care -- Click here to view this interesting article.

Sherman Tegtmeier, New Horse Influential

We are happy to announce that Sherman Tegtmeier has joined the Horse Influential Program.  Sherman, a long-time customer, is available for demos and clinics in your area.  Please click here for bio and picture of Sherman.  You can also learn more about Sherman Tegtmeier by going to

Equine MeritTM

Click here to view information on Lake CountryTM Advantage Program (Coupon expires May 31, 2006) and Retail Solutions Expo - 2006!

(To learn more about Equine MeritTM  brand horse feeds, visit our web-site at

Show Pig

HonorTM Show Feeds

See how HONORTM Show Feeds gives you the cutting edge of show pig nutrition.  Click here for information on HONOR Showpig Grower L200.


Click here to view presentation on "The Ultimate in Showpig Nutrition."

(To learn more about HonorTM  specialty feeds, visit our web-site at


A Complimentary Counter Flyer

With spring in the air, true garden lovers can't help but begin planning for the sunshine ahead!  What better way to get ready for summer than with a butterfly garden?  If any of your customers are interested in creating a butterfly garden, please use this special "Click-N-Print" section of this issue to print an in-store flyer for your customers.  You could place copies on your counter or in the home and garden area of your store as a complimentary item for customers.  To view the flyer click here!  (By the way,  you will need Adobe's Acrobat viewer to view this flyer and to print it out.  If you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat viewer, you can download a free copy by clicking here.)

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