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July 16, 2007
Volume 2, Number 7

Celebrations abound in July, especially with 07 – 07 – 07 having plenty of weddings!

Planning a celebration soon at your business? Let’s plan a field day, an open house, a cattle creep feeding tour, fly control, show feeds, pet day, among many others. Let your imagination run wild, and let’s try to capture new business even though many of you are busy with harvest, Achievement Days, and employees on summer vacation.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call (605) 770-6031.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you, and we do appreciate your business.

Lee Healy
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed



July 23
    RFD-TV MONDAY NIGHT LIVE SHOW.  7:00 pm Central Time.  The next installment of Monday Night Live
                on RFD TV will be on Monday, July 23, and will feature Weaning & Starting Cattle.  Mark your calendar and tune
                in to learn more from the experts.  More details later!

August 21-23   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN.   Registration Deadline:
                August 3, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

September 10-12   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO, San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX.  Registration Deadline: 
                August 27, 2007.  Expo & Conference, $75; Expo Only, $25.  Reserve your room early!  Click Here for details!

Advertising Red Flannel

Take advantage of our Red Flannel™ POS and ad layouts to advertise this new brand in your market.  Gulf Coast Equine & Pet Center in Friendswood, TX is moving to a new location down the street from their old store.  With a car count of over 40,000/day, they are taking advantage of their high traffic area to do billboard advertising of this new brand.  Click Here to see example of their billboard.

Click Here to view/print Red Flannel™ SP Numbers.

And . . . check out Red Flannel™ which is now on the website.


Animal Makeover™ TV

If you haven't had a chance to catch any of the episodes of Animal Makeover™ TV that air on RFD-TV on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CST -- remember that you can view clips from the show and find additional resources at our website,   Click Here for more details on this program.  Click Here for latest broadcast schedule for Animal Makeover™ TV (segments subject to change).

Monday Night Live - RFD-TV

Our Monday Night Live programming continues with some excellent topics coming up in the near future.  Airing July 23rd will be our program on "Weaning & Starting Cattle."  Click Here for latest broadcast schedule for our Monday Night Live programs (segments subject to change).

Coming Soon!  Equine Merit® Win-A-Ton Summer Promotion!

Watch for details on the Equine Merit® Summer Promotion.  This will be a sweepstakes -- anyone can enter to win, and they do not have to purchase to win.  Grand prize will be a ton of any Equine Merit® Lifestyle feeds pleasure, active, performance, complete, senior or mare & foal are eligible).  Second prize will be seven Regional winners who will win ten bags each of Lifestyle feeds.  Third prize will be fifteen Regional winners who will win one magazine subscription for one year.  Kits with counter card, ad slicks, entry forms, etc. will be sent in July -- more details later! 
Click Here to preview "Fun-In-The-Sun sweepstakes logo.




Creep Feeding To Help Calves Reach Their Potential

"We've got grass, why would I want to creep feed now with high feed prices?"  Creep feeding can increase your profits!  Please see the following article for the benefits of creep feeding, which has many benefits in addition to the added pounds of gains.  Click Here  _

It pays to control intakes, consider using Ration Manager as you talk to your cattle producers and get them to begin creep feeding now before all the grass is gone!

Did You Grow Up In Iowa?

If you grew up in Iowa or any of the heart of America states -- you can relate to this humorous article about growing up in the great Midwest!
(Click Here to view/print)

Heritage Trading July Specials

Take advantage of the July savings on Heritage Trading's specials.  Click Here for July specials as well as fly control information -- tactics and tips.

To place an order, call Heritage Trading Company at (888) 669-6050 Opt. 3 or fax to (800) 435-2070.

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