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July 17, 2006
Volume 1, Number

The heat is on! With the drought conditions we are experiencing in South Dakota, you will need to do all you can to support your producers in maintaining and saving their cow herds. This is the time to give them support through producer calls, producer meetings, etc. Let’s help them as much as we can!

See the article in the Cattle section of this newsletter on Early Weaning of Beef Calves. This is a very informative article on “what’s best for the calf.”

Remember the fairs coming up on Show Feeds – there are state fairs, county fairs and breed association functions that provide an opportunity for Show Feeds and Club calves as well.

Please feel free to contact me about your feeding opportunities . . . as always, I will be glad to help you sell and service our feeds through your business. Call or e-mail me at any time.

Lee Healy
Land O'Lakes Purina Feed



July 25-27     RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO -  Reno, NV  (Click here to view Reno Expo flyer)   (Click here for Expo Sign-Up Form)

Aug. 22-24    RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Arlington, TX   (Click here to view Arlington Expo flyer)   (Click here for Expo Sign-Up Form)

Sept. 12-13   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - St. Paul, MN   (Click here to view St. Paul Expo flyer)   (Click here for Expo Sign-Up Form)

                 peers throughout the Upper Midwest and share ideas to learn from each other.  Stay on the cutting edge of nutrition research and
                 technology from Land O'Lakes Purina Feed livestock teams.  Find out what's happening in the ingredient market.  A MUST attend
                 conference if you want to maximize sales, growth and profits.  (Click here to view details and registration information)

Sept. 26-28   RETAIL SOLUTIONS EXPO - Savannah, GA   (Click here to view Savannah Expo flyer)   (Click here for Expo Sign-Up Form)

        Make plans to attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  Two events in one!  Buying Expo and Retail
        Experience Training Conference!  Over 100 exhibiting companies plus feed . . .

Buying specials, training sessions, prices and more . . . Retail Solutions Expo -- The Total Retail Experience!
          Ask your Land O'Lakes Purina Feed Representative for details.  You can't afford to stay home!

Building Your Business

This Spring and Summer, we are seeing increased interest in Advance Retail Services (ARS) and Premier Services.  If you are interested in a store renovation, a new look or a new location, please give me a call.  Attached is an article that Brian Delgado, Manager of Communications for Land O'Lakes Inc., has written in reference to the exciting pace of our store Grand Openings.

(Click here to view "Retail Feed Grand Opening -- One of Many in 2006")

Handling Coupons/Coupon Redemption

Have any questions about handling coupons and redemption procedures?  Click here for FAQ's on this subject!
(Click here for Coupon Redemption Form)

Retail Solutions Expos

Attend a Retail Solutions Expo this year!  (Check the Calendar section of this newsletter for dates, places and meeting details!)

Pet Food Industry Statistics

Here is some pet industry trend information you may find interesting and useful --  Click here to view Pet Food Industry Trend Statistics.

Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Early Weaning Beef Calves

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages of early weaning?          How early can calves be weaned?          What's best for the calf?
 Read this interesting article by Greg Lardy, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist NDSU and Russ Danielson, Associate Professor NDSU . . .
 (Click here to view article)

Winning Results

This month's edition of Winning ResultsTM -- Feed N' Read  should have arrived.  This new 48-page paper highlights all of our 2005 winners.  If you didn't receive your copy, ask your salesperson how you can obtain a copy of Item SP 5188.  
(Click here to view Winning ResultsTM Flyer)

Show Chow Fitting Challenge

Land O'Lakes Purina Feeds is sponsoring a Cattle Fitting Competition at the 2006 Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Exposition in Omaha.  The event is open to all 4-H members.  We are asking each dealer to contact their local Extension Agent in an effort to make sure a team from every county is represented at this event.  Entry deadline is August 18th.  (Click here for more information on the rules/eligibility and for details on this event)

Equine Merit™

"I can't afford to feed a complete grain mix to my horses -- it is too expensive."  How many times have you heard that comment from horse owners?
CLICK HERE to see how Equine Merit Pleasure 12 will cost less to feed than a typical grain mix that you may be putting together at your co-op today.  The cost comparison takes into consideration you will feed less of the Pleasure 12 because it has more calories than oats and a local grain mix.  All Equine Merit Horse Feed is also manufactured in an ionophore-free mill and carries the LOLPF quality control guarantee.  There is no need to feed additional supplements when feeding one of the Equine Merit Horse Feeds.

If you enrolled in the Move Up To Equine Merit™ promotion that was outlined in last month's newsletter, you should have received your 50 -- "Buy 2, Get 2 Free" coupons and POS material in the mail.  If you do not have your kit and/or coupons, please call Cindy Hoelzer at (314) 317-5173.  See advertising slick that you can use to promote the Equine Merit™ summer promotion and your cooperative.  (Click here to view Equine Merit promotional ad slicks)

Horse Sales -  $ $ $

Why make stable calls???        Click here to see what this business could bring you this year!


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