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October 12, 2006
Volume 1, Number 6

This past month I was able to be a part of some wonderful selling events sponsored by our dealers and co-ops. I am sure the events took a lot of time to coordinate; but, on the other hand, they also provided a great opportunity to meet numerous animal owners. Some of the events I attended in September were Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Expo & Horse Show, horse trail rides, Horse Health Fairs, and Calf Selection Workshops. Congratulations to all the dealers and co-ops who took the time to conduct one of these great events!

What events do you have planned for this fall?  Don’t miss an opportunity to draw more customers to your business. Fall is a great time to promote bird feed, dog food for hunting dogs, feed for senior horses, and calf show feeds. Give me a call so we can plan your activities for this fall.

Fran Minnaert
Livestock Consultant
16405 "W" Street
Omaha, NE   68135
(402) 650-6150


Feed Center Sign Components

Are you looking for a way to jazz up your feed retail area?? We rolled out a new Lake Country Feed Center signage program at the Retail Solutions Expos. Whether you have a small retail area or a large store, you can pick and choose the signs that are appropriate to your individual needs. Great for identifying your product categories and adding color and excitement to your store. Dress up your store and work with your Account Manager on an event to show it off!!!                          
                                                                        (Click Here for more detailed information and order form)


Paul Homb
Retail Development, Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
(815) 541-3406

Fog Fever

This cattle disease has nothing to do with fog and cattle usually do not run a fever.  It is an acute (rapidly developing) respiratory disease of cattle.
To learn more on what causes it, how to diagnose it and the treatment of it -- read this interesting article written by Dr. John Maas at the School
of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California in Davis.        (Click Here to read or print this article)

Heritage Trading Company - Cattle Products

Check out the Merial Large Animal Fall Rebate Program and Pfizer's Dectomax rebate program.  Also, Behlen Country has some 4th Quarter Specials with discounts offered.  And now would be the time to stock up on your winter de-icer needs with Allied Precision products. 
                                                      (Click Here to read or print Heritage Trading Company's Cattle Specials)

National Barrow Show Results!

HONOR fed the Champion Duroc Barrow (Rae Burgoon) and the Grand Champion Barrow (Champion Hamp Barrow) shown by Troy Sloan of Cameron, MO.  This was a tough show, including the McCormick's from TX, Earnhardt's from IN, Cain's from IA and many other top breeders and feeders.  A BIG WIN FOR US!

Registering for Honor Roll Program

If one of your customers had a Grand or Reserve Champion that was fed one of the qualifying Honor Show Feed products, they are eligible for an "Honor Roll" Award.  Go to for more information or to go directly to registration form Click Here.  All entries are due no later than 60 days after the qualifying show.

Equine Merit™ - Winterize Your Horse Event

If you are an Advantage Member and sell Equine Merit™ horse feed and do not yet have your kit, please call Chris Goodwin in St. Louis (314) 317-5118.
(Click Here for more detailed information on your Retailer Kit)

Halloween Pet Costume Contest

Increase your store traffic . . . have a Pet Costume Contest.  You can create different prize categories such as scariest costume, pet-owner look alike costume, etc.  All participants should receive a trick or treat bag with appropriate treats . . . like Happy Hound dog biscuits . . . for the canine contestants.  Judging can be done at a specific contest time or participants could come in over a given period of time and have a photo taken and judging can be done at the end of the contest period.

Achieve Performance Dog Food

Pheasant and duck hunting season is right round the corner -- what a great time to be promoting Achieve Performance Dog Food!  This product is formulated high in calories, high in protein, high in fat, is meat-based and soy free.  Packaging is in 50 lb. bags or bales of 10 x 4-lb. bags -- which are great for trial sizes at your Annual Meeting and Pheasant Forever banquets!  To see Achieve Performance's benefits, product highlights, guaranteed analysis, ingredients and feeding directions, Click Here.

Change in Price List Mailings as of November 6, 2006

Effective November 6th, the consolidation and mailing procedure will change to improve the delivery of pricing information to you.  Please contact your sales rep with any questions you might have.     (Click here to view details on this new procedure)      (Click Here to view graphic of new envelope

Grain Mites and Psocids

It's that time of year when we need to put all our efforts forth for the invasion of Grain Mites and Psocids . . . exactly what are these pests, what conditions promote this problem and what is the best method for prevention and control?  (Click Here to view or print informative article)

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