Courtesy of Holly Rosner    

June, 2007

 District Manager
Northeast MN/Northwest WI Area

Dear Breeder,      

By now, you should have received a mailer from me introducing you to the next generation in deer nutrition . . . Woodland
Deer Breeder Textured Feed.  (If you have not received this mailer yet, please contact me by phone or the e-mail listed below.)  This new product is backed by decades of research and is designed for all life stages.  It maximizes your genetics by applying the latest cutting edge nutritional technology. 

The benefits this product brings to you are . . .

Woodland . . .
A Palatable Feed
Product With  
Unique Benefits


    ►  Optimal body condition all year long
      Healthy, fertile does
      Fawns that grow healthy and fast
     Positively impacts semen quality/quantity
     Enhances immune function, shiny coat & healthy skin

The Secret?

Our Patented Extruded
High Energy Nugget!

      Woodland Deer Breeder Textured Feed has it all,
      delivering a high quality protein and vegetable oil
      sources; AND, our high energy nugget makes this
      product unlike anything else in the industry today. 
      This product delivers 270% more energy of standard
      diet ingredients for top body condition and hair coat!

I would like to get your input and understand more about your operation and needs.  Then I would like you to consider participating in a 90-day feeding trial so you can see first-hand the performance of our new feed.  We will pay you $25 per deer (up to 25 head) for completing the trial.

Please give me a call so that we can set up an appointment to tour your operation and provide you more details.


Holly Rosner
District Manager
Northeast MN/Northwest WI
(218) 404-0326


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