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Efficacy of Yeast Products in Equine Diets
In the past several years, multiple sources have recommended yeast products for inclusion in equine diets for many purposes, including improving fiber and phosphorus digestibility, increase feed efficiency, support hindgut bacteria, and even prevention and cure of gastric ulcers. However, a close look at the published data available on the efficacy of supplementing yeast culture in the diets of horses does not support the claims of positive effects in horses fed quality diets that meet nutritional requirements.

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Equine Senior Feed Helps 32-Year Old Mare Continue to Win
In Crockett, Texas, Scott Lucas has not only passed down the practice of successful horse showmanship to his children, but they continue the winning tradition with the same horse their dad began showing in the mid-1980s.

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Purina Strategy Health Edge and Strategy GX
Purina®Strategy® Healthy Edge®horse feed is a high-fat, nutritionally balanced, controlled starch and sugar diet with enhanced great taste researched and formulated to support the health and well-being of adult horses aged 2 years and older. It's top nutrition to help give your horses a shiny coat, full body condition and strong hooves without the added calories that can make easy keepers obese.

60 Day See the Difference Challenge
In 1991, Purina®Strategy® horse feed revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses of all ages and lifestyles. Over 15 years and 600 million feedings later, it is still the gold standard in convenience, value and performance for horse professionals. Strategy® Professional Formula GX is for any horse, at any life stage--maintenance, growing, breeding and performance horses.

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Ambassador Spotlight
Beezie Madden
Beezie Madden
Beezie Madden was the individual Bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games and also a member of the Gold medal U.S. team. In 2006 she won both team and individual silver medals at the World Equestrian Games aboard the nearly flawless Authentic. She was also a member of the Gold Medal team at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and part of the 2003 gold medal Pan American Games team.

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Purina Difference Testimonials Purina Difference Testimonials

Sam is a 3 1/2 year old mare that was rescued and came to us on April 10, 2011. When she came, she was underweight, you could count her ribs, her hip and shoulder bones were very prominent and she had a layer of longer white hair over most of her body...

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Strategy Healthy Edge Testimonial Strategy® Healthy Edge® Testimonial Video

Horse owner Alexis Gray tells us why she loves Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® and the wonderful results she has seen from it.

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