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The Scoop on Oral Joint Health Supplements
One of the biggest concerns with performance horses is keeping them comfortable and sound. It has been estimated that 60% of lameness in horses is attributed to some degree of osteoarthritis (OA). This complex joint disease process is highlighted by eventual degradation of articular cartilage - the firm, rubbery tissue that covers and cushions joints allowing bones to smoothly glide over one another during movement. Damage to articular cartilage may occur due to a traumatic injury, wear and tear from years of exercise or the effects of aging. Cartilage damage leads to inflammation, stiffness and pain associated with movement. Diagnosis and management of OA can be very expensive, and certainly diminishes the competitive life and monetary value of an affected horse.

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Which Feed is Right For Your Senior Horse
Purina Equine Senior(R) Horse FeedFind out which Purina Equine Senior® horse feed is right for your older horse at the new www.activestill.com website.
Purina's Pink 50™ Campaign
Purina would like to thank our friends, customers, dealers and communities for their support of our Pink 50™ Campaign, which took place during the month of October. Nearly 200 dealers across the nation hosted events raising awareness of breast cancer and funds for breast cancer research. Additionally, Purina is making a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you, again, for your support and for making this campaign a success.
New Equine Senior® Active Healthy Edge® Horse Feed
Because not all senior horses require a complete feed with roughage built in, Purina introduces a feed specifically designed for the active, aging horse that still has the ability to effectively chew and digest forage.

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Ambassador Spotlight
Shawn Flarida
Shawn Flarida
Shawn Flarida is the NRHA's all-time leading money earner, and the first-ever Three Million Dollar Rider. Shawn has four NRHA Open Futurity championships to his name, and has won the All-American Quarter Horse Congress seven times.

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Keeping Senior Horses Athletic and Active Keeping Senior Horses Athletic and Active

Kirsten Vold, company manager of Harry Vold Rodeo Company in Pueblo, Colo., explains how Purina® Equine Senior® Active Healthy Edge® horse feed has helped keep her bucking horses on the national rodeo circuit into their twenties.

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Strategy Healthy Edge Testimonial Purina Equine Senior Video with
Dr. Gordon

"Equine Senior® Horse Feed- The Science Behind the Diet with Dr. Mary Beth Gordon". Dr. Mary Beth Gordon takes us through the field trials and results that provided the information to improve Equine Senior®.

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