New Honor Show Chow Gives You The Power To Perform    

This spring, Purina Mills® began the launch of its new powerhouse line of show feeds - Honor® Show Chow®! If you've been loyally feeding your project animals Show Chow® or Honor® for the past few years, there's no need to worry. Honor® Show Chow® has taken the best feeds from each line to form this brand. Here's how it works:

New Honor® Show Chow®:

• Pig, Lamb, and N-Timidator® Goat Ration - Honor® formula

• Cattle, Turkey, Poultry and Goat Feed - Show Chow® formula

            Although Honor® Show Chow® is currently only available in TX, OK, AR, LA, GA, FL, MD, PA, NY, NJ and New England, all remaining areas of the country will switch to Honor® Show Chow® by the end of 2008.

            We’re also proud to introduce you to High Octane®, our exclusive line of feed supplements. Power FuelTM and Champion Drive TopdressTM give your animals the extra boost they need to perform to perfection in the show ring.

If you’re looking to discover more information on this exciting new brand, simply visit our website at Don’t miss out on our cool new launch video, as well as new product descriptions |and brand information. If you have any more questions, call our customer service line at 1-800-227-8941.

New Product Information

We know the launch of our new products is very exciting, but we’re sure that many of you are curious to know about the products’ ingredients, nutritional information, and feeding instructions. We want you to be as well-informed about our products as possible, so information on the entire Honor® Show Chow® product line is located on our website. Visit to learn about new Honor® Show Chow®!

All Your Questions about New Honor® Show Chow® Answered Here

If you're still a little confused about Honor® Show Chow®, don't worry! Submit your questions to our ambassadors and nutritionists by visiting our Ask the Experts section. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way!

Honor Roll and Top Performer Updates

As mentioned earlier, Honor® Show Chow® will only be available in certain parts of the country for the next few months. If you don't live in the Southwest, Southeast or Northeast, you will still be able to purchase the previous Honor® and Show Chow® feeds.

For this reason, we are continuing the Honor RollTM, Top Performer and Show Chow® Rewards programs for the time being.

If you feed new Honor® Show Chow® and win a Grand or Reserve Champion at a qualifying local, state or national fair, you may receive an award as well.

• If your cattle, turkey, poultry or rabbit recently won, please download and print out the Show Chow Top Performer application.

• If your pig, lamb or goat recently won, please download and print out the Honor RollTM Awards application.

• If you feed Honor® or Show Chow®, simply use the corresponding applications.

Show Chow® Rewards Program Updates

You may have noticed that the Show Chow® Rewards merchandise has decreased over the past couple months - but it's for a good reason! We're making room for all the fantastic new Honor® Show Chow® merchandise that you will definitely not want to miss out on! Keep checking back on our prize pages  for updates.

 Also, many of the prizes offered through the Show Chow® Rewards program are also available for purchase through our online store. So if you see an item that you just got to have, but you haven't saved up enough weight circles for, you can purchase it online!  See these pages for more details.

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