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Debra and Tom Allen of Dolores, Colorado share their home with an assortment of animals including two dogs, Mokka and Hazel, as well as 18 newly acquired chickens and two mules.

But it was their four-year-old chocolate lab Mokka that led to them to discover Exclusive® Lamb & Rice Formula. By the time Mokka was six months old, the Allen's had already tried several foods, but everything they tried seemed to upset her system and give her diarrhea.

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Cool Pet Tips for the Dog Days of Summer
Just like their human companions, dogs and cats enjoy the carefree and playful summer months. During the days when the temperature and humidity soars, you need to take special care to keep your pets safe and comfortable. Due to their limited ability to keep cool, pets can become overheated quickly. Overheating can result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death. The following tips will aid in keeping your beloved companions happy and healthy throughout the summer months and help them “keep their cool” as the mercury rises.

  • Never leave pets in a parked car in summer, even with windows partially open. The temperature inside a parked car rises very quickly and can kill a pet in less than 10 minutes!
  • Avoid vigorous exercise during the heat of the day. Take dogs out in the early morning or evening hours when the heat is not so intense. Stop and let your dog drink often while exercising. Remember, hot asphalt can seriously burn the pads of their feet.
  • Pets that are older, overweight, long- or thick-coated and dogs with short muzzles are at great risk for overheating. They’ll be safest and happiest in an air-conditioned environment in hot weather.
  • Outdoor pets should always have plenty of cool, fresh water to drink and a safe, shaded area to retreat to. Make sure water is kept in a tip-proof bowl. If possible, bring outside pets indoors on very hot or humid days.
  • Signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion may include heavy panting or drooling, unsteadiness, glazed eyes, rapid pulse, a deep red or purple tongue, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Seek veterinary care immediately.
  • Your pet’s coat helps insulate him from the heat as well as protect against sunburn. Clipping or shaving pets too close in an effort to keep them cool can actually result in LESS protection. If you choose to give your pet a summer cut, keep it to a one-inch length and never shave down to the skin.
  • If your dog isn’t on heartworm medication, have her tested, then put her on a prevention program. Mosquitoes, plentiful in summer, can carry heartworm larvae and infect your pet.
  • Flea bites can cause severe itching and allergic reactions, and ingestion of fleas can result in tapeworms! Ticks carry diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and can cause anemia. Your veterinarian can recommend a good flea and tick control program. Remember that pests are far easier to prevent than to get rid of.
  • Always equip your pet with identification. I.D. tags are helpful but must be worn at all times. Tattoo or microchip methods are very effective in helping to recover lost pets.
  • Keep lawn chemicals and automotive fluids out of reach of pets to prevent accidental poisoning.

    Taking simple precautions will go a long way in keeping your pet safe during the lazy days of summer.

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Get to Know Exclusive® Lamb & Rice Adult Formula Dog Food

Exclusive® Lamb & Rice Formula is a fresh and natural formula with added vitamins and minerals. It is an ideal diet choice for dogs that may not tolerate other protein sources. The use of fresh lamb and quality whole grains produces a very palatable diet that is both nutritious and easily digested. Here are a few more highlights of this proven formula.

  • Excellent Protein Source. Fresh lamb is an excellent source of quality protein and provides an ideal alternative to diets containing beef, pork, soy, wheat and corn as their protein source

  • Natural Ingredients. No lamb by-product meal, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Omega 3 and 6 for Skin, Coat, Immunity. Optimum balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids supports healthy skin, shiny coat and maintaining a healthy immune system

  • Smaller, Firmer Stools. High digestibility translates into smaller, firm stools that are easy to clean up

  • Glucosamine for Joints. Contains guaranteed levels of glucosamine for maintaining joint health

  • Freshness Preserved Naturally.

The unique combination of high quality ingredients in Exclusive Lamb & Rice Formula supplies total nutrition for your pet. You can be confident that when you feed Exclusive Lamb & Rice Formula, you are providing the very best nutrition for your dog and his superior health and appearance will show it!


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Featured Story - continued

No More Digestive Problems for Mokka
One day while visiting their local Purina Mills feed dealer, Geisinger’s Feed Grains in Cortez, an employee there urged them to try Exclusive Lamb & Rice Formula for Mokka’s digestive issues. Since then, they’ve noticed a distinct improvement in Mokka. In addition to having a healthy, shiny coat, “her diarrhea cleared up and she hasn’t had digestive problems since,” says Debra.

Hazel’s Coat Transformed
The Allens later discovered to their surprise that several neighbors were also feeding Exclusive Lamb & Rice to their dogs. Speaking for herself and her neighbors, Debra says, “We feel our dogs are a testament to the wonderful nutritional balance that your product delivers. Not only do we all get compliments on their wonderful coats, but a mixed breed recently joined our pack and the change in her coat was nothing short of AMAZING!”

That dog is Hazel, a cattle dog mix that “adopted” the Allens. “When we got her, her coat was coarse and rough to the touch. Exclusive made it much softer and shinier. You could really see the difference.”

Exclusive Lamb & Rice. It Works!
The Allens continue to feed Exclusive Lamb & Rice to Mokka and Hazel “because it works,” says Debra. It delivers the results they’re looking for.


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