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FEATURED STORY | Nicki gets a taste of Infinia Holistic™ Pet Food

Nicki, a two-year-old Great Dane bred and owned by Chip and Lorraine Rainwater, is an extremely picky eater. The Rainwaters own Mountain Valley Country Store in Hayesville, North Carolina, the local feed store and PMI Nutrition dealership. The store carries 28 different brands of pet food, all of which they tried with Nicki. She would eat a meal here and there, but nothing seemed to fit Nicki’s taste buds. Her eating habits made keeping weight on and showing difficult.

When their PMI Nutrition LLC sales representative asked if the Rainwaters were interested in participating in a feeding trial for the new Infinia Holistic™ Dog Food, they jumped at the chance.* To their surprise, Nicki finally found a food she enjoyed, Infinia™ Bison & Potato Recipe.

“She loved the food and gobbled it down,” Chip said. “I can't wait for it to become available so all of our dogs can eat it.”

In January 2010, with Nicki eating entire meals and putting weight on, the Rainwaters took her on the “Florida Circuit” in Brooksville, Florida, one of the largest dog show circuits in the country. They showed her every day for the entire two weeks of the circuit, and Nicki completed her American Kennel Club Championship. She is the first AKC Champion to be fed Infinia Holistic™ Dog Food.

Lorraine has been breeding and exhibiting Great Danes for 25 years. Not only is Lorraine passionate about what she does, but she is also very talented, receiving numerous national awards from the Great Dane Club of America. One award she’s most proud of is being the number one breeder, with most Champion Danes in a year. Lorraine is also one of only two people ever to win the prestigious Great Dane Club of America National Futurity, two separate times. In 1998, the Rainwaters’ Great Dane, “Mr. Rhett Butler of Vztop,” which they bred, owned, and showed, was the number one Great Dane in the nation and won multiple Best in Show awards.

The Rainwaters are excited for Infinia Holistic™ Pet Food to be available to the public and are anxious to get Nicki and their five other adult Great Danes back on it. They just had a litter of nine puppies, and once they’re old enough, the Rainwaters plan to feed them Infinia Holistic™ Dog Food as well. Learn more about Infinia Holistic™ Dog Food and what it can do for your pet in the Product Spotlight section below.

*The Rainwaters received free product in order to fully test it prior to market.

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PET TIPS | Summer Tips

Summer is finally here, which means outdoor barbecues, lounging around at the pool and, of course, air conditioning. Things like jumping in the water and spending time in the cooler indoors are ways that we help beat the heat during the warm summer months, but don’t forget to help your pets do the same. The warm weather can be tough on animals, sometimes causing them to overheat, which can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or even death. Following these tips will help them enjoy the summer months as much as you do.

Fresh, cool air: Proper ventilation is important for your pets at all times, but that can be a little more difficult to maintain in the warm summer months. Never leave pets in a parked car in summer; even with windows partially open, the temperature rises very quickly and can kill a pet in less than 10 minutes! Pets that are at greater risk of overheating—older, overweight, long- or thick-coated pets and dogs with short muzzles—should be in an air-conditioned environment during hot weather. If possible, bring outside pets indoors on very hot or humid days.

Shade: Make sure your pets have a place out of direct sunlight if they are outside. A doghouse sitting in the sun is not considered shade. If the doghouse is the shady spot, be sure there is some cover over the house or that the dog can seek cover from the sun in another outside area.

H20: Outdoor pets should always have plenty of cool, fresh water to drink and a safe, shaded area to retreat to. Make sure water is kept in a tip-proof bowl.

Play: Avoid vigorous exercise during the heat of the day. Take dogs out in the early morning or evening hours when the heat is not so intense. Stop and let your dog drink often while exercising. Remember, hot asphalt can seriously burn the pads of their feet.

Hygiene: Your pet’s coat helps insulate him from the heat as well as protect against sunburn. Clipping or shaving pets too close in an effort to keep them cool can actually result in less protection. If you choose to give your pet a summer cut, keep it to a one-inch length and never shave down to the skin.

Warning signs: Signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion may include heavy panting or drooling, unsteadiness, glazed eyes, rapid pulse, a deep red or purple tongue, vomiting and loss of consciousness. If this happens, seek veterinary care immediately.

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GET TO KNOW | The New Infinia Holistic™ and Exclusive® Pet Foods

Many people are moving towards nutrition for their pets that meets their nutritional needs more like they meet their own—with a balance of proteins, select carbohydrates, select fats and fruits and vegetables. PMI Nutrition’s new Exclusive® Pet Food and Infinia Holistic™ Dog Food offer 14 unique products to make it easier for consumers to select healthy options to feed their pets.

The new Exclusive® Pet Food is “nutrition with a purpose…healthy pets from head to tail”. The new products are formulated with hardworking, purposeful ingredients for nourishing pets. In all formulas, fresh, never-frozen chicken or savory, natural lamb is the first ingredient. These palatable proteins are the building blocks of great formulas. Other key ingredients in all products include:

• Omega Fatty Acids & DHA—Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support the health of the skin as well as the quality of hair or coat; they also contribute to healthy immune function. DHA is a specific Omega 3 fatty acid that is found in mother’s milk and is important to the development of strong vision and a healthy brain in growing puppies. It is included in all Exclusive® and Infinia™ pet foods.

• Antioxidants—Vitamin E, along with added selenium, zinc and copper, are key components of your pet’s immune system.

• Digestive Health Support from Chicory Root & Dried Fermentation Products — Chicory root is a natural source of the soluble fibers Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) and inulin. This natural prebiotic provides soluble carbohydrates or food source for the beneficial microbial population that inhabits the intestinal tract. Providing the best environment for the good bacteria supports a consistent, healthy digestive tract. Dried fermentation products are actual microorganisms the “beneficial bacteria” which are part of a pet’s normal, healthy digestive tract. Continuous supplies of these microorganisms—which include Lactobacillus and Enterococcus species, commonly found in some yogurts—help support a pet’s digestive health.

The new Infinia Holistic™ line features four recipes, three with multiple protein ingredients and Infinia Holistic™ Superfoods, including salmon oil, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, kelp and parsley—chock full of vitamins and minerals— together supporting immunity, longevity and vitality.

The fourth recipe, Infinia™ ZenFood™ Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe, features the grain-free Zensitive™ Blend, a unique formulation offering peace of mind to customers who prefer a more select grain-free ingredient list.

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