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The Advantage of Professionally Trained Horses

Bob Loomis to be Featured on Wide World of Horses

“You wouldn’t expect to read a book or watch a video, then build your house. When a professional builds a house, it lasts a lifetime. When a professional trains a horse, it will stay trained for a lifetime, too.”

That will be the lesson of the day when legendary reining horse trainer and breeder, Bob Loomis, is featured on Wide World of Horses on RFD-TV. Loomis knows that enjoying a ride on a good, well trained horse is living life to the fullest. That’s why he believes it is important to show the general public the advantages of owning a professionally trained horse. In fact, Bob feels so strongly about this that he is inviting everyone to a special Open House at the Loomis Ranch in Marietta, Oklahoma on August 15.

Bob Loomis is a National Reining Horse Association Hall of Fame Inductee, who won an unprecedented six NRHA Futurity Championships. He is also credited as the leading developer or today’s reining breeding industry, and his stallion, Topsail Whiz, is history’s all-time leading sire of reining horses with foal earnings over $6 million.

The Wide World of Horses episode, titled Bob Loomis - The Advantage of Professionally Trained Horses - is sponsored by Purina Mills. It will feature Loomis explaining why a professionally trained horse is such a great investment and what can go wrong when a novice trains his or her own horse or rides one that an inexperienced trainer has schooled. Beyond the safety issue, there’s the “fun” factor that is absent when a novice rider becomes frustrated at being unable to get a horse to respond correctly.

Bob believes that there is a solution. He explains there are many talented horses that don’t go on to be top competitors as reiners. Although they’re ready to go and show, they wouldn’t compete at world class level in reining, but with the level and amount of training they’ve received, have an incredible head start for another career. “In years past, these horses were very salable as reiners. However, the economy has greatly impacted this mid-range section of the horse industry. Although there is still a market for top Open horses, these horses are not selling,” he explains.

Loomis, a pragmatist, said he accepted the fact that this year he would likely have to take as much as 60% less than what he’d been selling this type horse for in prior years. But that actually translates to good news for a buyer who might not have had the funds to afford such a horse in the past.

Loomis will show that an equine enthusiast can have a professionally trained horse for only a little more money than one they trained themselves. Even if a professionally trained reining horse may not be the top tier reiner, its high level of training will make it a Mercedes compared to the economy-model horse they might have settled for.

The visionary in Loomis also recognized that the current economic downturn might provide an opportunity to bring new people into the reining industry. “I’m trying to reach new people who might not know how inexpensively they could own a trained reining horse. Now, if all that happens is someone gets a great prospect for a roping horse or a trail horse that’s great, but I think that if people have a chance to see what a reining horse is and to feel what it feels like to ride one, some of them might want to be a part of our industry,” Bob explains.

Bob Loomis - The Advantage of Professionally Trained Horses will air on Wide World of Horses twice on Monday, July 13, and again on Sunday, July 19. During the program, Bob will explain why a professionally trained horse is such a great investment and what can go wrong when a novice trains his or her own horse or rides one that an inexperienced trainer has schooled.

And the program plays another role - as an invitation to all viewers to come to Bob Loomis Quarter Horses for an Open House on August 15. Guests to the ranch will be able to meet Bob, tour the ranch, watch demonstrations, see horses for sale and have the opportunity to try them, and enjoy a barbecue dinner. Purina representatives will be on site for an information seminar.

Purina is the maker of Strategy®, Equine Senior®, and Omolene® horse feeds. “Purina Mills is very excited about the upcoming episode of Wide World of Horses featuring Bob Loomis. Bob has been a long-time customer of Purina products and has built a strong operation of great horses and great longhorn cattle. It was built with good nutrition, good breeding, good management, and good people - the same four-square philosophy that built Purina,” noted Nancy Shearer, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Events and Sponsorship Manager.

Purina feeds a million horses a day, so research is a way of life. Purina Mills operates with the sole purpose of defining and delivering the future of equine nutrition. That’s why, after 100+ years of innovation, Purina horse feeds continue to build better horses for people to enjoy.

Horses make better people, and Purina makes better horses. For further information, call 800-227-8941 or go to the website, .

Wide World of Horses airs on RFD-TV at 11:30 am and 9:30 pm CST every Monday and on Sunday morning at 6:30 am. The 30-minute program features a broad spectrum of the equine world’s most exciting events and individuals and offers a great opportunity for equine individuals and events to reach an audience approaching 30 million viewers.

For information on Wide World of Horses, and complete schedule, visit the web site at .

A Special Invitation for Purina Representatives
Enjoy the VIP Day at Loomis Ranch on August 14

National Reining Horse Association icon and Purina endorser Bob Loomis is opening the doors to his ranch, Bob Loomis Quarter Horses, in hopes of bringing new people into the reining industry, and to help equine enthusiasts of all levels attain a professionally trained horse.

As a Purina Representative, you and your guests are invited to a very special VIP Day at the Loomis Ranch in Marietta, Oklahoma, on August 14, where you will be able to meet and visit with a reining legend, tour his first-class ranch, watch demonstrations, see horses for sale and see what it is like to ride a reiner, and enjoy a barbecue dinner. On that day, he’ll spend time visiting with you, answering questions and discussing everything from horse nutrition to making that winning run. It’s a great opportunity to offer to your top customers and associates – one that they’ll long remember.
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