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The Importance of Balancing Forages

Why should horse owners be concerned about forages for their horses? Horses need to be fed at least one percent of their body weight daily (dry matter) in forage. Most horses are fed more than that; many receive two or more percent of their body weight per day in grass or hay.

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Supplements Help Balance Diet Limitations

If a horse’s diet is made up of forage alone, owners may want to consider adding a supplement to ensure they receive all the vitamins, minerals and protein they require, especially in the added stress of summer heat. Forage is typically a majority of a horse’s diet throughout the summer months, but it can lack the nutrients he or she needs to stay in top condition...

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A Billion Thanks for a Billion Feedings

Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX and Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feeds have been trusted to feed more horses than any other brand. And as a thank you to all the horse lovers who’ve helped us reach one billion feedings, it’s time to give back and help even more horses get the nutrition and care they deserve.

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Ambassador Spotlight

Boyd Martin
Boyd Martin, a rising star in three-day eventing, is one of the newest Purina® Horse Feed National Ambassadors. He and his wife Silva, a Grand Prix dressage rider and fellow National Ambassador for Purina, operate their business, Windurra USA, out of Cochranville, Pennsylvania, and train in Aiken, South Carolina, for part of the year.

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Help Your Horse Lighten Up

Meet your horse’s nutrient demands without adding many calories. In this video, Dr. Katie Young recommends tips like adding Nature’s Essentials® Enrich 32® Supplement to your horses diet, monitoring their overall food intake and encouraging plenty of exercise to help your horse lose unwanted pounds.

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April Facebook Fan of the Month

We’re proud to announce that Mahala Henry is the first Purina® Horse Feed Facebook Fan of the Month! Purina will select one fan each month based on the interest and uniqueness of wall post submissions.

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