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How Important is Protein in Your Horse’s Diet?

At some point, most horse owners have considered purchasing horse feed primarily based on protein content. They may look for a 14 percent sweet feed, 12 percent horse feed or even a 14 percent calf creep feed. Protein is an important part of a horse’s diet, and the amount of protein is one of the few pieces of information stated on the feed tag.

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Quality profile: Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX and Strategy® Healthy Edge® Horse Feeds

The original Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX was created in 1991. Since then, it has revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses of all ages and lifestyles. It is designed for maintenance, growth, breeding and performance horses.

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Because a billion feedings means even more when you’re feeding change.

We’ve enhanced countless lives and now, with your help, we can save some. Purina® Strategy® Professional GX and Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feeds have been trusted to feed more horses than any other brand. And as a thank-you to all the horse lovers who’ve helped us reach a billion feedings, it’s time to give back and help even more horses get the nutrition and care they deserve.

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Ambassador Spotlight

Chris Hickey
Chris Hickey, director of training at Hilltop Farm, Colora, Md., recently earned the high score of 78.103 percent at the Welcome Back to White Fences I show and took The Horse of Course High Score Award riding Balissa HTF, a second-generation Hilltop Farm mare belonging to Hilltop Farm owner Jane MacElree.

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The Advanced Professional Feeding System

For any horse at any life stage, there’s one feed that does it all: Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula horse feed. See why after 20 years it is still recognized for its convenience, value and performance.

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Versatile Feed with a Horse Health Focus

Horse owner Alexis Gray tells us why she loves Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed and explains the wonderful results she has experienced, including her horse’s shiny white coat and full body condition.

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